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NTELLEX provides a wide range of solutions for business'' that are looking to make good of the technological era by keeping either up to date with their aesthetics or their security

The current technological influx has dominated numerous industries which is why 'you'll see every business having an online presence. Understandably so. An online presence contributes much more than newspaper adverts, and yellow books ever had or ever will.  
The only problem that poses itself in such a situation is the fact that since everyone can access the World Wide Web, everyone has the freedom to operate within their capacity - not necessarily in a right way. 
Take Cyber Security Service as an example. Cybersecurity issues are on the rise, and the numbers seem to be going up with each passing day. In times like these, it makes sense to secure yourself by having a tight knit security check. 
Likewise, designing a web-page and appealing to a massive audience might seem like an easy thing to do. However, it 'isn't all fonts and color schemes. 'It's graphics, animations, accessibility, readability and everything in between! 
Here's a list of our services to help you understand better on why you should choose us: 

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Cyber Security Solutions

Protect your online presence with NTELLEX professional cyber security solutions. 

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Managed IT 

Topsa of the line solutions giving you the ability to focus on business streams that matter. Manage your infrastructure through augmented staffing services, support services, and managed cloud/business solutions.

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Disaster Recovery

Business solutions to keep you running in those unexpected circumstances. Power, network, and carrier outages. Don’t have a window for down time to perform maintenance on your systems? No problem! We have solutions for every situation.

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Project Management 

Let professionals and experts manage your projects with impeccable precision.

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Mobile Application & Website Development: 

Give your business an edge by having an aesthetically appealing and custom business website and mobile application. Reach your target audience through a great website and app.

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 IT Auditing

Analyze, assess, and bolster ROI with our IT auditing services. Our team will help identify cost savings opportunities to fit your budgetary needs giving you the ability to re-allocate funds to other initiatives.